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12 Themes for AROS 68k/x86
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 11 May 2021 10:06

Created 12 Themes including Background Workbench and Windows, Windows GUI, Zune GUI, Pointers (optional), Themes are compatible with all AROS 68k and AROS x86 versions and will be available on the next releases of AROS One x86 and AROS One 68k

For the Theme Change I've created single scripts to be executed via icon from Workbench (Wanderer), once clicked a request will ask the confirmation that if accepted will restart the system with the new Theme.

To improve the graphical aspect I have also created small icons for viewing in detail on the Workbench, see attached video

I enclose a video that shows all 12 themes installed on AROS One 68k.
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Mev Dinc - Life Is A Game biography
Posted by quahappy - 01 May 2021 17:35
quahappy's Avatar  Hi all! Long time since I've posted here and I use to be a regular, posting a fair bit. Yup, I'm still playing Amga games via the amazing WinUAE but over the past few years, I have been concentrating on pixel art, primarily ZX Spectrum, even releasing my own book, Better Late Than Never.

Anyhow, as a result of being a prolific pixel artist (ahem), I've got to know and become friends with legends of yesteryear, which is surreal as to me, they are icons I looked up to giving us ground-breaking games on Spectrum and Amiga! Back in 2019, I did a Happy New Screen year (Speccy) and thereafter, approached by award-winning developer Mev Dinc. Yep, the guy who did First Samurai on the Amiga as well as many other games! He asked if I'd be interested in doing a cover for the English version of his book, which was already released in Turkish (his native country). How could I refuse!

I ended up doing the book title with another good friend doing the film strip. I've not long finished reading the book (300 pages) and it really is a gripping rag to riches story, with many ups and downs, obstacles faced to his success as a game developer. Ironic to think even when a work colleague at a factory Mev worked at persuaded him to get a Spectrum, he showed no interest in it or in games! Rest is history!

Mev's book is available in paperbook or Kindle at Amazon and other online book stockists. I've not put the link as not sure if it's allowed.
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Exhumed / Powerslave Amiga port
Posted by BSzili - 27 April 2021 07:37
BSzili's Avatar  Exhumed / PowerSlave is an Egyptian-themed FPS by Lobotomy Software using the Build engine. The console versions were quite popular back in the day, but the DOS one was largely overlooked due to the somewhat awkward controls and issues on faster systems.

Here's an early preview of the Amiga version:

Public test:
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My crappy blog
Posted by drygol - 24 April 2021 00:04
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Mars Tank Attack - new Amiga game!
Posted by softwarefailure - 17 April 2021 17:11

The game runs with all sound and graphic features if you load and start it with the Hollywood Player. This Player is provided by Andreas Falkenhahn.
Download your Player on

If you like this game - please make a PayPal Donation on our Website. Only with your help we will be able to provide more games for free.
Please send bug reports directly to my email-adress. Thanx.

The goal of this little computer game is destroying the battle tank of the enemy.
This game is a remake of the Howitzer Duell from Juma so far.

To steer your tank - angle and power - use the CURSOR keys.
Use the ENTER key to finally shoot.
One player - two player - computer alone

If you loose all tanks - this means GAME OVER.

More information and download here:
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New version of Remote Desktop for AmigaOS 3.x 68k (and OS4.x) - Update!
Posted by DarrenHD - 15 April 2021 18:14

Hello! I am happy to announce that we are working on a new version of the Remote Desktop client for AmigaOS 3.x (68k). It will also work on OS 4.x.

The RDesktop client allows your Amiga to bring up (in a window or full screen) the desktop of your Windows computer. So you can access your Windows computer directly from the comfort of your Amiga. It supports playing sound from the Windows computer to your Amiga computer through AHI.


We are working on developing a new version of RDesktop for 68K (AmigaOS 3.x) computers and compatibles. It will require AmiSSL 4.9 and the latest codesets from Aminet. It will have a netdisk=sys: feature where your Amiga directory will show up on the Windows side so you can copy files back and forth. Of course it will have RemoteAudio, Full Screen, a GUI (requires MUI5), and other features. It will be released based on the latest rdesktop code base. I have tested it on a real Amiga 4000, an Amithlon system, and a Vampire-equipped system so far. Tested to work on OS4.x as well.

Anyone who makes a donation (small or large) to encourage the developer (Micha? ?ukowski) to keep motivated will immediately receive the latest beta version via e-mail. I would hope the release version is ready in 1-2 months.

You can make a donation here:

Scroll down about half way on that page and click the Donate button.

Thank you very much and we look forward to releasing the final version!

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Shadow Warrior for Amiga
Posted by Solo Kazuki - 12 April 2021 20:59
Solo Kazuki's Avatar  BSzili is now working on Shadow Warrior port for Amiga.
Here is short gameplay of beta version.

Planned requirements for final version are:
- 68040 or 68060 processor with FPU
- Kickstart 3.0
- AGA chipset or RTG card
- 16 MB FastRAM
- 50 MB disk space

Recommended is fast 68060 and 32MB of FastRAM.

Shadow Warrior is now available on AmiNet.
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Posted by TroyWilkins - 11 April 2021 05:53
TroyWilkins's Avatar  Not sure if this belongs in news or somewhere else, so if this is in the wrong place I apologise. I did a search but couldn't find any topics here that referred to

I'm not sure if anyone else here knows about this yet or not, but a YouTube channel called Action Retro has launched these two sites, designed specifically to work on retro computers from the 80s and 90s. Because they're a Apple Macintosh focused channel, their aim was to get at least some of the web usable on 68K based Macs, but they also show it working on a Windows 95 Toshiba ultraportable and an Apple IIe!

Of course my first thought was that this would also work on AWeb and IBrowse, and sure enough on my AmiKit XE install they worked perfectly!

I thought perhaps other people here may be interested.

Here's the video for more information:
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Wrong Way Driver - New Amiga OCS Game by aBYSs
Posted by pink^abyss - 09 April 2021 19:07
aBYSs released a new Amiga OCS mini-game in 60kb called:

You took the wrong way on the highway and your gas is running out...

Needs Amiga 500 (Pal) + 512k Mem or better
Code, Gfx & Audio: Pink

- Up/Down: Move
- Fire button: Acclerate (when you bought the extra!)

- ESC: Exit

The audio was created with PreTracker.
All coding was done with "Amiga C/C++ Compile, Debug & Profile" by Bartman/aBYSs.

Ingame 'on the fly' decompression was done with Doynamite by Doynax.
Executable compression was done with Shrinkler by Bifat/Tek.

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IBrowse 2.5.4 Now Available
Posted by Futaura - 03 April 2021 15:01
Futaura's Avatar 

IBrowse 2.5.4 is now available for download for both AmigaOS 3.x and AmigaOS 4.1FE (AmiUpdate can be also be used to update your installation).

This is the fourth free update for registered users of IBrowse 2.5. IBrowse 2.4 and 1.x users may upgrade to IBrowse 2.5.4 via our store at discounted rates.

It is mainly a maintenance release with refinements and improvements to features introduced in IBrowse 2.5, with some other developments held back until they are stable and complete. We hope to have addressed all of the issues raised since the release of IBrowse 2.5.3 last year, whilst adding a few new features too. See the history log or changes list for a full breakdown of all the changes made in IBrowse 2.5.

We have also added the English Amiga Board as a fastlink in the default IBrowse settings, as this is a friendly place that all Amiga users should be aware of, if they're not already
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A/NES v1.2 released!
Posted by oRBIT - 03 April 2021 13:34
It was 15 years(!) ago A/NES, a NES emulator for classic AGA Amigas, got an update, but now it's back! I've dusted off the old sourcecode and worked a bit with it. And this is hopefully just the beginning..

The news are:
* Minor graphics optimizations.
* Rewrote stack-handling code (no more "stack overflow" errors).
* Fixed bug related to Sprite-DMA that could crash the game.
* Removed some old debug-code that slowed things down (oops)
* Added mapper 87

Download here:
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Chocolate Doom port to 68K RTG
Posted by NovaCoder - 03 April 2021 00:43
NovaCoder's Avatar  I was very bored recently so I decided to do yet another DOOM port (my 4th), anyway this one uses Chocolate Doom and includes ports of ports of Heretic, Hexen and Strife.

I've only had the chance to give them a very quick test myself but they seem to be working okay. No idea of performance on a real Amiga as I don't own one these days but it might be okay if you reduce the resolution back down to the native resolution. Be warned that trying to decompress OGG music files in real-time on an 060 while also playing a game isn't going to be pretty.


1) An RTG Amiga
2) 68060 processor or better
3) 32MB of FAST RAM
4) The original games (or demos)
5) OGG compressed music packs for music playback
6) AHI installed and configured


1) No network or multi-player support
2) No Joystick support
3) No window mode support (during gameplay)
4) Only OGG/WAV music supported

I'll upload it to the Zone here and also to AmiNet soon.

Download -> Chocolate_DOOM

My other DOOM ports:

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AmiSSL 4.9 Now Available
Posted by Futaura - 02 April 2021 21:49
Futaura's Avatar 

The AmiSSL project is a collaborative effort to develop a shared library for Amiga-based systems (AmigaOS, MorphOS, AROS, etc.) based on the OpenSSL cryptographic library toolkit. The library together with its provided software development kit (SDK) tries to be 100% API/ABI compatible to the OpenSSL version it is based on. In addition, due to its shared library nature it can be used by several Amiga applications at the same time. Many applications already make use of AmiSSL - the shared library concept saves memory and allows developers to easily integrate a modern, stable, optimised SSL/TLS and cryptographic solution into their applications with minimum effort. With regular AmiSSL updates, applications and users additionally benefit from OpenSSL upgrades and security fixes, without authors needing to update their own code.

AmiSSL 4.9 is available for download from (or via AmiUpdate) and contains the following modifications:
  • Updated OpenSSL backend to full compatibility to latest OpenSSL 1.1.1k (25.03.2021) version, which brings security and bug fixes.
  • Simplified and improved logic in amisslmaster.library for choosing which libraries to open.
  • Installer will now delete redundant AmiSSLv4 libraries where possible.
  • Added Swedish installer translation.
  • Updated icons with more modern GlowIcons.
  • Added sample openssl.cnf file and helper script to the installation.
  • Added documentation to OpenSSL.doc.
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VirusZ & xvs.library is back, but needs help
Posted by Jan-VHT - 31 March 2021 13:02
Jan-VHT's Avatar  Georg Wittmann (Former Hörmann) is back to make changes to VirusZ and xvs.library, but Georg needs your help.

George writes:
After 15 years of doing absolutely nothing on my Amiga, and many people asking me again and again if I would like to release the sourcecodes of VirusZ and xvs.library, I now have decided to do so...
But before that, I finally want to fix VirusZ and xvs.library for MorphOS, AROS and AmigaOS 4.x systems, and therefore I need some help as I actually don't have any of these systems (only AROS inside WinUAE as m68k version).

So this is why I've written this small tool here. MAA4SIC just collects information about your system and dumps that to your Shell window. Just redirect the output to a file and send it to schorsch.wittmann at if you are running on MorphOS, AROS or AmigaOS 4.x

MOS/AROS/AOS4 System Info Collector tool - Download (From Aminet)
MOS/AROS/AOS4 System Info Collector text - Read Me (From Aminet

Read about you can help Georg here

Thanks in advance for any help...
Georg Wittmann (Former Hörmann)

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amigaXfer: Fast agentless serial port transfer tool. Bootstrap Amiga w/o floppies.
Posted by admiral - 25 March 2021 13:00
amigaXfer is an easy to use GUI tool for lightning fast serial-port floppy and file transfers.

All Classic Amiga models are supported. All AmigaOS (1.x/2.x/3.x), all Kickstart versions (I have tested 34/37/39/40/45).
All you need is an Amiga, another computer and a serial cable (any null-modem will work, only 3 wires used).

Its main feature is that it does not require special software on the Amiga side, as it uses the kickstart's builtin serial debugger.

The easiest way to get into the debugger and use amigaXfer is via the extra workbench menu when wb is loaded via loadwb -debug.

Additionally, it can be used to bootstrap an Amiga without bootable floppies.

By disabling interrupts and polling the serial port directly, speeds as high as
512kbps are achieved, even on a basic Amiga 500 with its 7MHz cpu clock.

Both floppy images and files can be transferred in both directions.

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