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Competition: Turbo Santa 2023
Posted by girv - Yesterday 14:16
girv's Avatar  Turbo Santa is back for another prize competition

There are modified rules this time to give more people a chance of winning something, including one of two Rogue Declan (AA 90%) boxed editions.

The game is free, grab it now and get some scores in before the 24th!
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New Game: Abbey(s) of the dead
Posted by UltraNarwhal - 04 December 2023 14:36
UltraNarwhal's Avatar  Abbey(s) of the dead - the full version was released on 30th November 2023.

Abbey(s) is an expanded port (20+ new screens) of l'Abbye des morts, demo & full version available from

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GQ3 Status Uopdate
Posted by pngcan - 03 December 2023 22:48
pngcan's Avatar  Hello Friends, Happy Holidays!
First off thanks for all the feedback both kind and constructive on GQ2, it has been helpful and encouraging. Thanks to Amiga Addict (84%) and Amiga Future for the great reviews.

It's been a while since I gave you an update on GQ3. Unfortunately my health has not been the best and I lost over 2 months of development. As a result I missed my anticipated release of GQ3 in October and will not make my Graphic Novel release this year.

But I'm back on my feet and back at it. Because of my health I can't devote the 4 to 6 hours I did per day, 7 days a week and must cut that in half. ( I hate being old!)

But I have some good news, Dave Haynie has let me use his likeness and his post Commodore story (all be it somewhat loosely told) and I have permission from another current Amiga celebrity fro his likeness as a character in Chapter 5 Haynie's Comet as well. No spoiler alert, you'll just have to play the game to find out who it is. lol)

Here is another little mini trailer. It's from Chapter 4 "The A's of Three" as we join George at the abandoned Wilson Street Office being sent there by Professor Ali.

Almost done, likely by January/February. One of the issues with GQ2 was things I missed in testing (spelling errors, etc) Inevitable being a one man show. So I am hopeful that I can get a couple of testers to help and play the game and advise me of errors before I release it (Likely January or February release) Let me know if anyone is interested. If not, no worries, I'm having a ball doing this.

Here's the you-tube mini trailer
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Robin Hood Legend of Sherwood - New Beta Preview from Apollo Team
Posted by willemdrijver - 03 December 2023 12:04

Follow-up Beta preview on the experimental project from Apollo Team working on a 68K Amiga/Apollo port of the famous Robin Hood Legend of Sherwood game, originally released for Windows PC's in 2002 and later re-released in 2012 for Linux requiring 1Ghz+ system hardware with solid video-card. Remember this is an early preview and we have still a lot of work to be done to get to a real acceptable performance and stability level.

List of major changes:
- Tuning of Main Hourglass (divider for lesser important elements)
- Tuning of Main Refresh (disabled some fancy but costly effects)
- General cleanup of all individual element Hourglass & Refresh
- Moved all static UI elements to separate PiP layer
- Created “intelligent” refresh for UI so it refresh only when there are real Updates
- Dynamic Audio slot allocation for all Sounds incl. 2D stereo effect (volume + L/R panning)
- Deleted the complete Threaded Input routines (SDL) and recreated Input from scratch
- Replaced software blitted Mousepointer with hardware Amiga pointer (to be improved later)
And a lot of minor other things
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New game version : Abbaye des morts
Posted by Jeeg - 27 November 2023 19:05
Jeeg's Avatar  Hi all,

A new version of the "L'Abbaye Des Morts" that I have just finalised It is available on Aminet, is totally free and runs on any Amiga with at least 1 MB of memory.

This version was made in assembly language, the music is by Simone (JMD) Bernacchia and the debugging by Sergio (Amigars).

It's my first real game with this language and I'd like to thank Locomalito for the game, Frank Wille for his stunning Protracker player, Johan "Doynax" Forslöf for his Lempel-Ziv decompressor ans David "Vevat" Lara for the assets and his SDL game version which helped me for the code logic.

Even if it's a little game, it's been a great adventure over almost 3 years, and I hope you'll enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Your feedbacks (comments, improvements, bugs) are welcome.

Long live to the Amiga
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Newish Game: Crimbo AGA
Posted by spud - 24 November 2023 15:43
Hi all,

Tis nearly the season to be jolly so what better time than now to start playing Christmas games, so here I am pleased to present a slightly prettier (some may argue that point) version of last years smash hit Crimbo!

It is pretty much the same game but for some more colours and bonus levels designed by my son. The collisions are not quite as strict as before, so perhaps it'll be a little easier this time round too.

As the name suggests it'll only run on AGA equipped Amiga. There is a trackloading ADF file or a WHDLoad version available for download from:

It works on standard and expanded A1200s, Amiga A500-Minis (with latest firmware installed) and A4000s.

And if you're that way inclined there is even an MS-DOS port too.

Enjoy... maybe
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Infocom Amiga interpreter sources released
Posted by copse - 22 November 2023 00:19
A piece of news is that the Infocom interpreter sources have been released. Among these are the Amiga sources.

Main links:

Interesting bits (to me):
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C64 the Mysterious Cassette - la Cassetta del Mistero available now!
Posted by passioneamiga - 20 November 2023 13:21
After several months of development, Darkage Software is proud to announce the release of "C64 - The Mysterious Cassette - La Cassetta del Mistero", a text adventure in italian and english languages for Amiga equipped with AGA chipsets!

The game was programmed by Colin Vella, with graphics and project management by Paolo D'Urso, music by the legendary Allister Brimble and was possible thanks to the direction of Carlo Pastore.

The adventure is published by Darkage Software in digital download and physical edition, this one with a beautiful box containing a handy USB stick and an A3 poster.

For more informations and purchase links:

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New Emerald Mine: Emerald Caves
Posted by Steffest - 18 November 2023 21:03

I'm super exacited to announce a brand new "Emerald Mine" game has been released.
Peke crafted 64 challenging but fun levels, ranging from the methodical puzzles ones to the super-choatic ones.

Versions for both OCS and AGA machines are included.
Download the ADF disk or play directly online in your browser at

Caught the emarald bug?
Grab the level editor and create your own levels here.
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RC (Rally Cross)
Posted by 4pLaY - 04 November 2023 14:57
4pLaY's Avatar  We recently released RC (Rally Cross) for the Amiga.

Click me to download the game as well as the source code.

The game should run on any classic Amiga with at least 1MB of chip ram.

Have fun and feel free to improve on the game using the sources provided.
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A/NES v1.21 released
Posted by oRBIT - 02 November 2023 22:18
A/NES, the NES 8-bit emulator for Classic AGA Amigas has been updated to v1.21. Unofficial opcodes has been added, bugfixes and some minor spriteoptimizations.
Download at the official website:
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Interview with Adrian Wallett
Posted by Daff - 18 October 2023 18:00
The Obligement magazine is today publishing an interview with Adrian Wallett, a member of EAB and also of the Arcade Attack blog, which is dedicated to video games, particularly on the Amiga. An interview for games fans!

English version:
French version:
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Amity for MiSTER FPGA, aka aMiSTer
Posted by keito - 18 October 2023 00:15
I'll finally put this out for this Christmas. And update and improve things as I go along. Feedback will be helpful for ironing out bugs & adding new ideas and features., and for to learn new things also. I hope to improve it over time, when I have time :-)

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GRIND : a Doom-like, first person shooter for a500!
Posted by Tsak - 13 October 2023 07:12
Tsak's Avatar 

Grind is a first person shooter, set in a dark and foreboding Steampunk/Lovecraftian world. The game is a continuation (and spiritual successor) of the Dread project, powered by the amazing Dread-engine and offers unparalleled visuals and performance, even on vanilla 1mb a500 machines!

Grind is currently in its second year of development and is planned for a commercial release. Here's a list of scheduled features and part of the work that lies ahead:
  • At least 16 levels for the main campaign plus secret and multiplayer maps (the game already supports PvP deathmatch via serial cable btw).
  • Level design with lived-in locations, visual storytelling and loads of attention to detail.
  • Story driven progression.
  • Menu and in-game music.
  • More and better quality SFX (includes adding ambient sounds and enemy growls).
  • 4 Steampunk weapon designs with additional secondary attacks via RMB.
  • Extra polishing on enemy models plus new, low and higher tier enemy classes.
  • Other needed additions to the engine (ranging from missing features like saving and level progression, to bugfixing and working out incompatibilities with various setups).


The following video capture is from the latest released "Darkward east v0.3" Patreon-only binary, running on a1200+4mb fast (recommended for max performance):

And here is footage running on a real 1mb a500 (minimum required):

The current team:

-John Tsakiris: managing this project and also responsible for the gfx, sfx, Amiga music, game and level design.
-Amiga coder Bszili is currently responsible for the Amiga version (and also helps temporarily with the ST version as well).
-Kabuto (from the demogroup Titan) is preparing a port of the game for the Mega Drive.
-ST musician DMA-SC is currently providing music for the ST version.
-Coder Alex Brown (Alpine 9000) is also on-board for extra help (while Metro Siege still remains his main focus and priority).

Honorable mentions:

-Legendary coder and author of the Dread-engine KK/Altair, although not directly involved with the project, is also present, overseeing the game's development and progress, providing feedback and moral support, as well as valuable insight on the inner workings of his engine!
-Artist Pixel Shade has made various gfx contributions in the past, which still remain in the game.


For those who want to know more about the history of the project, the 'new amiga 500 doom like! ' thread, documents in detail the past development of the Dread-Engine and the beginnings of Grind.

-Support Grind on Patreon:
-Visit Grind's Pixelglass page:
-Join Grind's Discord server:
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icon  ZOOM MEETING: Commodore Video Chip Designer - ALBERT CHARPENTIER !
Posted by Marcio D. - 05 October 2023 22:51
Please join TPUG (Toronto PET Users Group) for an interactive Zoom meeting with Albert Charpentier, whose contributions to the golden age of personal computing are legendary. MOS Technology, Commodore, and Ensoniq are just some of the enterprises he's been involved with. He was the co-designer of the VIC-II video chip in the Commodore 64.

Meeting date / time: Thursday, October 19, 2023 at 7:30 PM ET.

Zoom details:

If you can't attend the meeting, please feel free to watch it afterwards on YouTube by subscribing to TPUG's channel here:

Thanks for your support !

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