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Information is copyright 2001-2022 by Astruc Pierre, also known as RCK.
Readers may not modify, publish, transmit or in any way exploit any of the contents of this site, in whole or in part, without the express prior permission of the copyright holder. Direct comments to the appropriate person. All rights reserved.

Dynatech 30th Anniversary Edition (new international release)
Posted by epithetic - 11 September 2022 18:20
Hi EAB community,

I've recently completed and released an unofficial remaster and English localisation of Dynatech (1992) for classic 2 MB/AGA Amiga.

Some of you might be familiar with the original German release from eleven SOFTWARE, by some of the same people from reLINE who made Oil Imperium (also released under the title Black Gold) and Fate - Gates of Dawn among other games, but if you're not, the game is a menu-driven realtime economy sim and fairly advanced for its time. An international release was planned for the following year but sadly never materialised.

Gameplay is singleplayer or cooperative/competitive two player split screen. Set in 2400, the game revolves around building a sustainable market economy alongside 20 fully simulated AI corporations, with various interlinked production chains and logistics management based on real supply and demand mechanics. That is, all circulating wares are derived from basic resources and production facilities and any transport of them is carried out by fully simulated fleets of spacecraft.

Unlike a lot of games at the time Dynatech actually punishes you for monopolising the market by brute force - since markets are dictated by supply and demand, flooding them will only lead to market crashes and potentially more widespread contagion (it's possible to game over by crashing the entire economy).

Dynatech was originally published for Amiga ECS, with a later AGA/VGA version developed for the IBM PC release. This version was rather rushed, with the overall quality being arguably worse than the original to the point of blatant copy & paste errors in some images. To make matters even worse, the AGA version suffered from a faulty graphics implementation that meant it needlessly limited the colour precision of the game to half that of the DOS version.

This unofficial 30th Anniversary Edition remaster addresses all these issues, featuring:
  • Full English localisation, including manuals
  • Bugfixed Amiga AGA release
  • Carefully remastered graphics and UI polished to a standard the VGA/AGA release should have been

If you're interested or would like more info, the release website (with downloads, quick start guide, etc.) is here: release website

(I'll see if I can put a mirror in the zone for more convenient access on real hardware)
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icon  New Ghidra Amiga extension released
Posted by Bartman - 08 September 2022 15:43
This is for the open source reverse engineering tool Ghidra by the NSA, which features disassembly and decompilation.

This is based on ghidra_amiga_ldr by Vladimir Kononovich (No license)
and ghidra-amiga-whdload by Martin Atkins (MIT license)

This extension can
- load amiga hunk executables, analyze library imports
- load Kickstart ROMs, analyze library exports
- load WinUAE state files (.uss) incl. custom registers
- disassemble copper lists

Fully open source.

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Passione Amiga #9 (September 2022) is published!
Posted by passioneamiga - 22 August 2022 18:24

We are pleased to announce that the new issue of Passione Amiga (September 2022) is available!

In this number:
- Video games: Duckstroma, Junior's Great Adventure, Game Over Moscow!, Rcross, BattleShip Sea Hawk, Operacion Falida, Mision La Luna, Hunting Frogs
- CDTV special
- Install AmiSSL on Amiga
- Commodore Day 2 reportage
- Blender course, part 1
- Hardware: THEGAMEPAD
- Interviews with: Mario Savoia and Yoz Montana
- Plus: Games news, Tech news, THEA500 Mini News, Demo scene, New Talents, MailBox

48 A4 color pages entirely dedicated to Amiga!

Available in printed format:

and in digital format:
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AROS One x86 v1.8 Released
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 31 July 2022 08:43

New version of AROS One x86 including lots of new features, new Core compilation with GCC 6.5.0, all installed software, many of which have been updated or fixed, are also ready to use from the Live DVD/ISO, also available on AROS One all available development tools.

In this version of AROS One, in addition to Amistart, BoingIconBar, a multi ToolBar that can be navigated through the right mouse button or through the mouse wheel (highlight the bar first), has also been installed.

Amistart and BoingIconBar can be swapped in the system, onentither can change backgrounds and skins, all through appositscript to be executed through specific icons.

AROS One is distributed in DVD (ISO) format or USB image from "burned to Pendrive", useful as Live system or to quickly install AROS One on PC.

To the USB image needs to rename the extension according to the program to be used, usually .img, for AROS One we recommend the use of the excellent Rufus or Etcher)

AROS One x86 v1.8 ISO DVD: Download

AROS One x86 v1.8 USB Flash: Download
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Announcing AmiDeb - An Amiga Emulator system.
Posted by vk3heg - 22 July 2022 16:09
vk3heg's Avatar  What is AmiDeb:

AmiDeb is a bare-bones Linux install with just enough to run FS-UAE.

It is *NOT* Amilator, but is based on the idea's of Amilator.

Ruining a Text based front end, FS-UAE is then launched for your Amiga

Mounting of a real CD-Rom/DVD from the host is supported. (See A3000

As AmiDeb uses FS-UAE, all features of FS-UAE on Linux are

Mounting of real Amiga formatted Hard drives.

Access to the /amiga partition via the network share (Exposes the FS-UAE directory's for the ROM's/ADF's etc.

Tools on the Linux side: nano (Editor), mc (Midnight Commander [File
Manager]), linux network tools.

Basic Amiga configs are setup for the A500/2000 and the Amiga 1200. These use
the built in Kickstart of FS-UAE and will boot to "Amiga Test Kit"

The configs for the Amiga 3000/4000 have examples of using more options in line with a real Amiga. The Amiga 3000 configuration is a copy of my real Amiga 3000 setup, and is used in my personal testing of the system.

The config for the Amiga 4000 OS 4.1 is a real working setup of Amiga OS 4.1. (only the config file is supplied), this configuration uses the beta 3.2.11 version of fs-uae due to bugs related to OS 4.1 and networking.

At the end of the installation of AmiDeb you have a real Debian Linux
system, with the benefit of being able to update and customise the system.

See the Website at:
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KOG update released
Posted by saimo - 19 July 2022 21:07
saimo's Avatar  I just released an updated version of KOG, a game for AmigaOS 4 (and Windows) that, unfortunately, I had never told you about before.

Detailed information and download available at /
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E-VO V3.5.0 Released
Posted by Phantasm - 14 July 2022 15:42
Phantasm's Avatar  E-VO is my Amiga E compiler which brings together the features of many of the existing E compilers and adds lots of new functions too.

download and change log available here:
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The talks at CLASS 2022
Posted by saimon69 - 13 July 2022 19:10
This is a collection of the video talks happened during the latest edition of CLASS [Commodore Los Angeles Super Show] in Burbank, California on the days of the 25th and 26th of June 2022.

Sajtron - Keeping Up With The Commodore (40th Year Anniversary Remix)
(C.L.A.S.S. Video Edition)

Van Pelt and GigaCAD-to-Blender - CLASS 2022[/url]

Kress and 8/16-Bit Music - CLASS 2022

Rifkin and Amiga Music apps - CLASS 2022

Bernacchia and the Art in Amiga Game Screens - CLASS 2022

Goedeken and C64 Demos - CLASS 2022

DiNunzio and Music from a PET 2001 - CLASS 2022

A Walk in CLASS 2022

Roach and C64 Religious Games - CLASS 2022

Bernardo and the Amiga 500/Vampire 500 - CLASS 2022
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AROS One x86 Windows Hosted
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 24 June 2022 10:52

This is the preview of AROS One x86 v1.8 Hosted Windows, i must say it works very well, very fast and very convenient for testing updates and software.

Basically it is like using WinUAE, AROS One being placed in a Windows folder, everything can be updated or added on the fly by copying the data to its folder, data will be available immediately without the need to restart the siestem.

AROS One Hosted Windows will be identical to the native version of AROS One x86, so it will have the same version, and the same software installed, and will be distributed through a self-installing ZIP Archive.

More information about AROS x86 Windows Hosted, you can find them here:
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Passione Amiga #8 (July 2022) is published!
Posted by passioneamiga - 23 June 2022 16:39
Dear Amiga lovers,

the new issue of Passione Amiga, the italian printed magazine, has just been released!

In this number:
- COVERDISK: World Premiere Playable Demo of SNAKY - The Mysterious World!
- Many videogames reviewed: Riamel Black Prophecy, Atarenium Falcon, Flappadiddle, Emotiworld, Blockman Gets, Mr Poo's Journey
- Collectibles: some useful tips
- Special: Ocean Software
- Interviews with: with Renee Cousins the vampire slayer and Luca Stradiotto
- And also: Games & Tech News, Demo scene, New Talents, Mailbox

36 A4 color pages entirely dedicated to Amiga!

Paper version:
Digital version:
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Two former commercials products released as open source by it's author
Posted by kamelito - 15 June 2022 23:46
kamelito's Avatar  Two former commercials products released as open source by it's author.
UIK : User Interface Kit for Amiga OS - An object engine :
Azur : Text editor for Amiga OS :

Thanks goes to Jean-Michel Forgeas who have decided to Open Source it's programs.
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AROS One x86 Games
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 15 June 2022 23:10

For AMIGA game lovers, here is a new project called AROS One Games.

AROS One Games will allow in seconds and on any PC, even in VESA mode, to run WHD_MENU, an iGame-style GUI that allows AMiGA WHDLoad games to be started via JanusUAE (Amiga Emulator).

WHD_MENU was developed in the LUA language by Yannick Erb.

AROS One Games No includes ROMs and No Games.

Users will have to add their own Games and images which must be in PNG format.

Instead, AROS One you will find updated free AROS ROMs compatible with many games.

To make it easier to set up WHD_MENU, a Video Tutorial is included on AROS One where you will be able to see how to create a game menu, and set up the various paths.

The Games menu (PlayList) will need to be recreated each time a new play is added.

Write down your impressions or judgments, if you like

Video Tutorial AROS One x86 Games
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Ami-Express 5.5.0 released
Posted by Phantasm - 06 June 2022 09:46
Phantasm's Avatar 
[sof]                 ____
       ___________  __\  /________ ________________________________
       \_  _ ¬\  ¬\/ ¬\\/¡  ___/ ¬Y  / __  /__ ¬\   ___/ ___/  ___/C
.--/----¡  ¬   \  \/   \ | __/__> ' <  ¬__/  ¬ _/_ __/_____ ¬\___ ¬\-----\--.
|//     l__¡   \\_¡¡   \\!___  ¬\_.  \  ¡ l__¡  ¯¬\__  ¬\    \\    \\     \\|
/         ¬l____/¬'l____/: ¬l___/ l___\ !   ¬l____/¬l___/_____/_____/       \
|                      ·                 ·                                  |
| Ami-Express was a BBS System that ran on the Commodore Amiga series of    |
| computers and was developed by Lightspeed Technologies in the 1990s.      |
|                                                                           |
| Version 5.5.0                                                             |
|                                                                           |
| This is a rewrite of that system written in Amiga E. It is open source    |
| and has new features and bug fixes in addition to aiming for near 100%    |
| backwards compatibility with the version 4.x releases.                    |
|                                                                           |
| I contacted Joe Hodge/LightSpeed Technologies the owner of /X product     |
| in December 2018 and he has given his full approval for me to take over   |
| this software and to continue using the Ami-Express name.                 |
|                                                                           |
| I have also updated the documentation for Ami-Express as many existing    |
| features were not properly documented. Some new features included in this |
| release are:                                                              |
|   * XMODEM and HYDRA protocol support                                     |
|   * IEMSI support for auto-login if your client supports it.              |
|   * FTP Direct Server - you can now log onto FTP directly and upload or   |
|     download without having to log on via telnet.                         | 
|   * Improved CPS info in ACP during transfers                             |
|                                                                           |
| With the inclusion of the HYDRA protocol support in this release we have  |
| achieved full feature parity with the old V4.x Releases of Ami-Express.   |
| There may still be some small differences between this version and the    |
| older releases but all features are now covered.                          |
|                                                                           |
| All source code is publicly available at:                                 |
| along with the documentation.      |
|                                                                           |
| Included in this archive are several sample bbs configurations using      |
| tooltype (.info) and config file (.cfg) format. These are aimed at users  |
| wanting to set up a bbs for the first time. There is also a file called   |
| aeicon.json which can be imported using the json import tool or by        |
| selecting the file the first time you start /X with no configuration in   |
| place. This file will create a basic structure similar to the ones        |
| included in the archive.                                                  |
|                                                                           |
| This verison of /X comes with both rexxdoor 1.3 and 2.2 - If you have 10  |
| nodes or more you *MUST* use 2.2 (rename it to rexxdoor) - however this   |
| version requires that you make RX resident otherwise it won't work. If    |
| you have less than 10 nodes you can use either version.                   |
|                                                                           |
| If you are a pre-existing /X4 user, the ACP and Express files can just    |
| replace the old versions and should be as close to fully backwards        |
| compatible as possible. Plesae do contact me or raise issues in github if |
| you encounter any problems.                                               |
|                                                                           |
|      This release is dedicated to my partner Traci who was taken ill      |
|      unexpectedly at the end of 2018 and passed away after suffering      |
|               lung damage caused by Influenza. RIP Traci xx.              |
|                                                                           |
| Version History                                                           |
|                                                                           |
| 5.5.0 05 Jun 2022 (Feature parity release)                                |
|       * XMODEM and Hydra support, FTP Direct Server, IEMSI auto login     |
| 5.4.0 17 May 2021                                                         |
|       * YModem and ZModem 8k support, FTP authentication, shortcut mode   |
| 5.3.2 01 September 2020                                                   |
|       * Minor bugfix release                                              |
| 5.3.1 07 August 2020                                                      |
|       * Minor bugfix release                                              |
| 5.3.0 04 July 2020                                                        |
|       * Internal Zmodem, HTTP File Transfers, connect to QWK & FTN        |
| 5.2.0 02 Jan 2020                                                         |
|       * Native Telnet, FTP File Transfers, some bugfixes.                 |
| 5.1.0 03 June 2019                                                        |
|       * New features and bugfixes.                                        |
| 5.0.0 23 December 2018                                                    |
|       * First release of this project                                     |
\                                                                           /
|\\                                                                       //|
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AROS One x86 v1.7 Released
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 31 May 2022 22:35

AROS One x86 v1.7

This new version of AROS One v1.7 includes many new features, available almost all the most important Software for AROS x86, many of which have been updated or fixed, you can read HERE all the progress made in this release

The most important new feature is that now AROS One v1.7 based on an AROS build recompiled with GCC 6.3.0, this means more speed and more efficiency, also you can now use on AROS One all the GCC 6.3.0 development tools available on AROS x86.

AROS One x86 v1.7 ISO DVD: Download

AROS One x86 v1.7 USB Flash: Download (To burn the USB image it is recommended to use the software Rufus or Etcher)

AROS One is now also distributed in the "Pendrive Image" format, once this image is burned on a 4GB or larger Pendrive it will allow you to recreate a Live USB that can be booted on all supported PCs and consequently install AROS on HD without the need for a DVD.

If you use a Pendrive larger than 4GB, the rest of the space will remain available as a second raw partition that can be formatted later on a PC in FAT32 and used as a data exchange between AROS One and other OSes.

Test Video:

Small video test AROS One v1.7

AROS One x86: Tutorial Video (A few seconds to download the small zipped video and then run it)

DualBoot AROS One x86 / Win10: Tutorial Video (A few seconds to download the small zipped video and then run it)

AROS One x86 Installation on VMVare: Tutorial Video (A few seconds to download the small zipped video and then run it)

AROS One x86 Installation HD on VirtualBox: Tutorial Video (A few seconds to download the small zipped video and then run it)

AROS One x86 on PC Real Dell Inspiron Mini 910: Tutorial Video A few seconds to download the small zipped video and then run it)

These are the new features of AROS One v1.7

Update AROS One System:
- HDToolBox Device fix TolType Opzioni
- Update Image WHDMenu
- Update Def_MIDI
- Update Def_CDXL
- Update Def_Icons Lua, AmiLua
- Update DirectoryOpus.CFG
- Update ZuneARC Config
- New Skins for Murks
- New Datatypes BMP, TGA
- New Themes for Wanderer
- New Descriptor (Datatypes)
- 8 New Icon DualPNG Buton AmiStart
- DTConv
- DTConvertGui
- BMP.datatype
- TGA.datatypes
- ICO.datatypes
- UnDeleteSFS
- UnDeletePFS
- New GRUB background
- Theme AmiStart

Update App:
- SidDump 1.08
- AmigaKeyRemaper v1.1
- GarshneBlanker v3.9
- RNOEffects v1.3
- DiskValid GUI v1.0
- GarshneBlanker v39.2
- TCPPrefs v1.0
- RNOPublisher v1.0
- Acuario 2020
- ViewISO v1.1
- ZapHod v1.3
- MCC TextEditor v15.56
- RNOArchive v1.0
- RapaGUI v2.1
- 4KLive v0.7
- RunInDOSBox r1
- RMan v3.2
- RTF2HTML v3.97
- GrafX2 2.7.2978
- GTuner v0.41
- AmiNote v0.1
- ZuneARC v1.6
- ModExplorer v3.81
- ModExplorerCE v3.80
- Bin2ISO
- DTConv
- Daysleeper v0.9
- AIDEa v04/03/21
- Murks vO,6
- GCC v6.3.0.
- MUIBase v4.4
- IconClone v1.0.7
- PerCIMan v0.7.4
- InstallerLG v1.0
- Vim v8.2.4370
- Multiview v1.8 by Miker
- VindentiumPicta v2.50
- SilkRAW v1.3
- Aget v0.64
- HollywoodPlayer v9.1
- Crono v2.2

Update Games:
- Hle Poker Card
- BlackjuanPokerCard
- Atomiks
- Breaker
- SYASokoban
- Pipewalker
- SieteYMedia
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Xvs.library v33.47 released
Posted by Jan-VHT - 31 May 2022 17:51
Jan-VHT's Avatar  Hi all.

Georg Wittmann has released a new version of the Xvs.library.
Remember that VirusZ III, VirusExecutor, VirusChecker and VirusSlayer all uses this library to find virus and trojans. So remember to always have the newest update in your LIBS: drawer.

Release info:
Xvs.library : v33.47
Archive size: 103.300 bytes
Date : 30 may 2022

News xvs.library 33.47 (size: 67.024 bytes)
- Added 'Jackal 2021' bootvirus and its installer (as filevirus). Thanks to Crashdisk for sending the infected archive.
- Added at least some code to remove an active 'LOBO Hardcore' link-virus from memory. File recognition and repair code is still to come.

You can find the archive here:

Or on AmiNet.

Kind regrads
Virus Help Denmark
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