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Amiga Addict Magazine
Posted by nogginthenog - 25 October 2020 20:03

I've not seen this linked around here?
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Ask Your Amiga: Wikipedia Search Tool ("AYA")
Posted by Weaselrama - 19 October 2020 22:35
Weaselrama's Avatar  The germ of the idea is here in v0.1: A Wikipedia search tool without using a browser. Despite the screenshot on Amitopia, there's not that much information returned - yet. Otherwise, it is an intriguing idea. I thank the authors of this app for their time and for supporting the community.

It requires MUI and the GIF datetype. It includes versions for AROS, OS4, and MorphOS.
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VirusZ III Bootblocks Update
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 18 October 2020 11:22

Author: Virus Help Team

VirusZ III: Important Antivirus update to be done on all systems, some old/new Viruses back to bother our Amiga, released the new "VirusZ III Bootblocks" which includes protection for the last discovered Viruses and old Amiga Viruses mutated or modified their code.

VirusZ III Bootblocks 17-10-2020: Download (in the link you will also find VirusZ III and other Antivirus plus the necessary libraries)
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VControlGUI (Vampire)
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 17 October 2020 17:46

Author: Alessio Garzi

VControlGUI: Very small utility that lets you send commands to flype's VControl software. VControl allows us to tweak Vampire card behaviours according to the needs of the user. In the screensho some icons created by me for VControlGUI that you find HERE

- Any Vampire card
- Vcontrol installed and in path
- Any amigaos (tested only on AmigaOS 3.1.4 and Coffin)

VControlGUI offers the same features that VControl provides (something is still missin, maybe they will implemented in the future like the Akiko mode ON/OFF).

This is a list of most relevant features:
- Kickstart selection
- SuperScalar mode ON/OFF
- TurtleMode mode ON/OFF
- CPU detection
- VBR address detection- IDE speed tweaking

VControlGUI is OS friendly and it relies on Intuition library.

VControlGUI: Download
VControlGUI: Tutorial Video
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MorphOS 3.14 and a new web browser released
Posted by jPV - 13 October 2020 16:25
jPV's Avatar  The MorphOS development team is proud to announce the immediate availability of MorphOS 3.14. While mostly a maintenance and stability release, this update also brings multiple technological improvements in the kernel. Out of these, the most notable are TLS support in exec.library, updates to the Netstack and ixemul.library.
Wayfarer, a new web browser based on a modern mid-2020 branch of WebKit is now available for download from This new app makes it possible to browse most of the web that have become off-limits for Odyssey with its ageing engine. Google apps like Docs, Drive and Maps with Street view are supported just as the Whatsapp or Telegram web interfaces.
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pawgr 0.9 AROS x86
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 03 October 2020 18:09

Author: Jose Luis Cebrian Pague

pawgr 0.9: Download

pawgr 0.9: This is just a litte utility that renders one graphic of a Spectrum PAW snapshot, then saves it in a .png file.

PAW (Professional Adventure Writing System) is a Spectrum parser, where a parser is some software that lets a writer with little programming knowledge to write her/his own text adventure game.

If you happen to have some old text adventure of your own lying around, you can use pawgr to extract its graphics. This program was not created to be very useful, but just for fun. And it may
some day be part of a "PAW emulator".

An extra pleasure for this review as the author used my AROS One x86 to create screenshots.
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AmigaOS 3.1.4 Emulation - polish eBook
Posted by radzik - 26 September 2020 13:55
radzik's Avatar  Last month, I published a new ebook about AmigaOS 3.1.4 - Emulation. From the book, you will learn how to configure the system from scratch, how to surf the internet, install games, play mp3, movies, and much more! The target is not only the emulated Amiga!

YouTube Showcase:

At this time, the eBook is only in Polish. Let me know if you want such a book in English!

eBook PL link:
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MiniSid Realized
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 26 September 2020 00:23

Author: Bertinetto Bartolomeo Davide

MiniSid v0.02: Download

MiniSid v0.02: Multiplatform Program Developed in Hollywood able to perform SID music of the C64, preliminary version that the author hopes to make it complete.

I discovered that MiniSid is also able to run other audio formats such as MP3, WMA, OGG, FLAC, AAC, WAV, AIFF, MOD, XM, S3M, the Player requires high hardware resources due to the now very high demand of computing speed required by Hollywood applications, in 68k versions the FPU is required.

In the archive you can find the various executables for OS3, OS4, MOS and Windows, imminent also an AROS x86 version, the OS3 version works well also on AROS 68k as shown in the screenshot, the icons of the program were made by me.
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New CDTV expansions
Posted by alexh - 21 September 2020 18:19
alexh's Avatar  Hi,

I dunno if this is of any interest to many people but Spaniard Amiga dude Edu Arana has created lots of (short runs) of Amiga products recently and I noticed two for the CDTV.

A replacement for the UHF/composite or SCART (CD-1321) video output board. If you've ever bought a CDTV with nothing in this slot you know what a pain it is as the 23-pin video port isn't live without something in this slot.

As well as a 15-pin VGA (15KHz) output (perfect for OSSC) it has an SD card slot for anyone lucky enough to have a Vampire A500 or similar CPU adapter card with the correct header. And an experimental Serial->Wifi feature (not sure where the aerial goes)

He also makes (or is making) a CDTV SCSI card with integrated SCSI2SD and Mouse/Joystick ports

Plus take a browse at the other things he makes for Commodore and Atari computers.
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Roadshow 1.14 is out
Posted by Storm - 20 September 2020 10:06
Storm's Avatar  Just incase anyone missed it, there has been an update to Roadshow TCP/IP stack after many years to 1.14
This update is available through, in the download area of your customer account you used when purchasing Roadshow.
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icon  Dodgy Rocks released!
Posted by girv - 16 September 2020 11:43
girv's Avatar  DODGY ROCKS released for Amiga Classic (OCS/ECS 1Mb)

Update: v1.1 NOW AVAILABLE!
  • Adds a High Score validation code
  • Fixes glitches on some accelerated systems

Dodge, dodge, dodge, dodge and ... uh ... dodge!

Crazy high-speed endless arcade thing-dodging. You'll just have to have one more try!

Dodge the rocks and other projectiles coming your way for as long as possible. Dodge, dash, kick and smash your way out of tight spots to survive just one more wave. Discover and master advanced moves to rack up your bonus and climb the online leaderboards, before testing yourself against the next difficulty level. Are you ready for NIGHTMARE? We don't think you are.

After a smash-hit debut at Amiga Ireland 2020, and exactly one year after the modern versions, Dodgy Rocks Amiga is now available for immediate download.

All the Dodgy Rocks features and special moves you love and love to hate have made it across. It's the same game, only on Amiga! Check out this gameplay video to see it in action.

Thanks to EAB/Daedalus for the great work on the Amiga version

Download Dodgy Rocks now from Aminet or - FREE.

EAB members using the above link can get the PC/Mac/Linux version for 50% off iOS and Android versions are also available as free downloads (with one-time IAP upgrade to unlock all features) from the relevant app stores.

Dodgy Rocks. How dodgy can you get?

"A compellingly addictive slice of fun"

"got that just-a-fun-5-minutes-oh-crap-it's-been-half-an-hour thing that flappy bird had"

"real 'play again' X-Factor!"

"looks deceptively simple but you will be replaying and replaying"
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Turrican 2 cover by Volkor X
Posted by mcgeezer - 13 September 2020 14:26
I like my Synth wave music and absolutely love Volkor X.

I popped onto Youtube just now and found out that he's doing a cover of Turrican 2's main theme on the 18th September.

Add it to your lists... it will be epic.
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NoWinED (2012) including Sources released on Aminet
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 12 September 2020 23:12

Author: Shinkuro (Gianfranco Gignina)

NoWinED 0.83 + Sources: Download

NoWinED is a cross-platform text Editor for OS3/OS4/AROS x86/MOS written in MUI capable of handling multiple files simultaneously using "pages" for each file.

Unfortunately some features of NoWinED are not present on all four operating systems, due to minimal incompatibilities. Moreover, switching from one Amiga system to another is not always possible to use the same editor programs as they may have incompatibilities.

NoWinED offers:

- Multiple file management through pages controllable by means of "Title buttons", a list and / or a convenient context menu at the right button (appears automatically when necessary) to scroll the title buttons;
- Context menus;
- Search and replacement module;
- Search within open files;
- Drag & Drop files: dragging one or more files on the NoWinED list opens the files in new pages, if you drag a file in a page then the file will be opened in the current page. Finally, if you drag multiple files on a page, then the first file will be opened on the current page and the other files on new pages (on AROS it lacks the
- Basic functions of a texteditor (c&p, select all, undo and redo, etc...).
- Support for keyboard use;
- UTF-8 support (It can load UTF files and export UTF-8 with and without BOM, or in ASCII);
- CR/LF/CR+LF support (It is able to load any type of txt file and export CR/LF/CR+LF tests);
- Intelligent n-column text truncation support;
- Support for backup of all open files configurable;
- Support for automatic saving of the current configurable file;
- Programmable function keys (Fn);
- Graphic printing;
- Present on all 4 Amiga platforms;
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iGame Multi-Platform
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 10 September 2020 10:13

Author: MrZammler

Tutoria Video: iGame v2.0 beta 6

iGame v2.0 beta 7: Download

- Changelog file

- Fully updated file
- Changed the menu item name "Add non-WHDLoad game..." to "Add game.." to be more precise, since from that you can add WHDLoad games as well

- Fixed a problem with saving of the CSV file when the old gameslist file had empty genres
- Fixed "Show Favorites" on startup which was not working under AmigaOS 3 with MUI 5
- Fixed the release version and the date on about window
- Fixed the installer that was complaining about missing locale/catalogs folder
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Linux kernal fix for Amiga filesystems
Posted by Gryfon - 09 September 2020 13:10
Gryfon's Avatar

Correctly tracking protection bits. About time!
Hope this filters down into Raspberry Pi Linux builds soon...
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