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Ambermoon Advanced finally released
Posted by Pyrdacor - 31 January 2023 23:41
Pyrdacor's Avatar  I released the first official release of Ambermoon Advanced. It is a big extension for the original game and is available for the Amiga as well.

It contains the first 2 of the planned 5 episodes:
- "Mysteries of the sea"
- "Elemental creatures"

There will be some places known only from Amberstar and also completely new dungeons and locations. You will also be able to play the first animal party member. Damage spells now make use of elements so it becomes more important which spell you choose against specific monsters. There will be some more cool new features I don't want to spoiler right now. And there is even an easter egg or two.

There are two very big quest chains which can be started after finishing the second island. But there are also some new things at the beginning to discover.

More information, images and download links can be found on the project page:

As this is a one-man hobby project there might be bugs, bad translations, bad game design choices or even crashes. Save often and report bugs please, so that I can fix them.

If you already played the beta (first episode) and want to continue you'll need to upgrade your savegame. I have created a patcher for this: Just drop your save folders (e.g. Save.01) there (no original saves will work!) and you can download the patched ones.

Have fun with Ambermoon and the extension.
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New TOSEC Release
Posted by Crashdisk - 24 January 2023 21:04
Crashdisk's Avatar  Hello to all,
on the occasion of the release of a new publication, I take the opportunity to present the TOSEC project. We are a group of enthusiasts whose goal is to classify digital copies of cassettes, floppy disks and cartridges of retro machines (including the Amiga of course!). This is the main branch. Another branch concerns CDRoms and the last one, concerns magazines and books related to the targeted machines.

What we propose? We publish between 2 to 3 times a year databases of media that have been found. They are grouped by type, then by machine, by theme and finally by format.

Extract of the DB structure :
|_TOSEC (main branch)
| |_...
| |_Commodore Amiga - Applications
| |_Commodore Amiga - Applications - Public Domain
| |_Commodore Amiga - Collections - Amiga Amateur Radio User Group
| |_...
| |_...
| |_Commodore Amiga - CD - Applications
| |_Commodore Amiga - CD - Compilations
| |_Commodore Amiga - CD - Coverdiscs
| |_...
  |_Commodore Amiga - Artwork - Video
  |_Commodore Amiga - Books
  |_Commodore Amiga - Catalogs
The databases are in XML format and the file extension is .dat. They contain a description of the media, size and checksums to formally identify them (CRC32+MD5+SHA1).
    <game name="Batman Rises (2022-12-09)(Batman Group)(Disk 1 of 2)">
        <description>Batman Rises (2022-12-09)(Batman Group)(Disk 1 of 2)</description>
        <rom name="Batman Rises (2022-12-09)(Batman Group)(Disk 1 of 2).adf" size="901120" crc="e5e77d3a" md5="c9758e07bde3a7cd5a9fdbf4ca4e50bb" sha1="a78d29c3c7aadb1f335b3d74341ccb4bb2a0404f"/>
Okay, now what do I do with it? to use them, you will need a ROM manager. Here are the main :

I personally use RomVault. It is very easy to use and I recommend it especially if you are a beginner.

What are they doing? These programs can analyze your personal collection, identify the ROMs, rename them and classify them.
Currently the Amiga database in its main branch can identify more than 92000 files (ADF, IPF, ROM, EXE...). More globally, the last publication offers 3764 dats identifiers 1201045 files for over 300 machines.

The official TOSEC page :

The official Amiga TOSEC sub-forum :

Thanks to all the contributors, without whom the collection would not be as rich as it is today

I also take this opportunity to thank Turran, who through its FTP, hosts a large part of the files archived by TOSEC :
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WinUAE 4.10.1
Posted by Toni Wilen - 23 January 2023 21:07
WinUAE 4.10.1 (23.01.2023) released.

Mainly 4.10.0 bug fix release.


WinUAE 4.10.0 bugs fixed:

Chipset emulation updates and bug fixes.
Interlace filter mode saved invalid config in certain situations, causing crash when loaded. Also added validation to config loader that detects similar config errors.
GDI mode RTG hardware cursor leaved garbage when it was in top/left corner of screen and it was not fully disabled when Amiga was reset.
Serial port Ring Indicator signal fixed. If both printer and serial port was enabled, printer status was invalid.

Older bugs fixed:

Input device's Input panel custom configuration was lost if config was loaded and saved when custom configured input device was not connected.
Game Ports panel custom input configuration was not automatically remapped to original input device if order or number of input devices changed.
Game Ports panel "Default" game controller type didn't fully switch to CD32 pad mode when CD32 hardware was configured.
FM801 PCI sound card didn't work in Voodoo 3 + Mediator configuration.
PCI bridgeboard crash when accessing non-existing board's IO/RAM space.
Exclusive fullscreen Direct 3D 11 mode + Fullscreen GUI Misc panel option ticked and entering GUI: GUI window was not positioned correctly.
Video recording after loading statefile recorded one empty and one corrupted frame when recording was started.

New features/updates:

Added continuous screenshot mode to GUI. When ticked, screenshot is taken automatically every frame.
Disabled move left/right joystick autoswitching mode. It was too easy to do it accidentally. Only buttons are supported.
Clear Harddrives panel list when loading hardware-only config.
Taking screenshot when DF0: is enabled but empty and CD drive is enabled but not empty: select CD image name. (Previously CD was ignored)

[Don't post bug reports in this thread.]
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Happy new year Amigans
Posted by turrican3 - 01 January 2023 05:21
turrican3's Avatar  Happy new year guys !
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Anyone want to contribute audio samples for a game?
Posted by Galahad/FLT - 31 December 2022 22:19
Galahad/FLT's Avatar  Can't discuss what i'm programming, its a hush hush super secret!

What I can tell you is its a cutesy puzzle game, and thats all I can tell you.

Want a credit in the game?

I need *ONE* person to supply me with audio samples for the game, basically need to be in Amiga RAW 8bit format so I can just sling them in.

I need the following:

Door Open
Door Close
Keys collected
Player Hurt
Keys appear

There will likely be others to follow, but this is basically just to add some atmosphere to the game as in the next few weeks it will be submitted to the publisher to show progress and from there on in, we decide when its getting released and how much time i've got to get it done, and so that the graphics artist has enough time to do whats needed as he is doing lots of other projects.

Payment? Copy of the game (digital) once its released and credit in the game is pretty much all I can offer.

I'm doing this more for the experience of actually starting my own game from start to completion, whereas all my previous work was adding to a codebase that already existed.

If anyone is interested, give me a shout, just respond here.

Samples should not be massive, but they should be clear and not muffled, so pick a happy medium.

Please do not just rip samples from existing Amiga games, as some sounds are so iconic and recognisable I dont want it to detract.

Of course if you want to rip from arcade/MAME or other game formats, by all means.
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asm-pro 1.19
Posted by a/b - 28 December 2022 07:02
Here's a little something I've been working on the last year or so. Started out of necessity because asm-one has too many issues and is definitely out of development, and since asm-pro is in a much better shape I started using it more, but every once in a while I ran iinto a problem. Fortunately, it comes with the source code, so here we are...
I've spent too much time today typing the readme and release notes, so I'll copypasta the readme file here. It's available on aminet in dev/asm.

Update for the ASM-Pro package, includes latest executable.
Some of the older versions use ENVARC:Asm-Pro_beta.Pref instead of
ENVARC:Asm-Pro.Pref. If your preferences don't look OK, please ensure
that you have the correct (not beta) .Pref file.

This release fixes a number of KS2.x, 68000/010, and FPU compatibility
issues, as well as a large number of other issues (over 60 bugfixes in
total, see the history file for details). You can run it on KS2.04+
and 68000 based systems again.
Code has been cleaned up and optimized (over 2600 micro optimizations,
and a number of subroutines rewritten), resulting in 15KB reduction of
the executable size and a smaller memory footprint overall.

Additions (detailed description available in the history file):
1. WX command to enable short code and data hunks (code+bss, data+boss)
2. ADDBP directive to add a breakpoint from the source code
3. Command line history jump by 10 lines, don't store repeated lines
4. Macro symbol parameter \<symbol> and \<$symbol> (vasm style)
5. Assembly elapsed time

DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY, COMPARED TO v1.18 (read: if I messed up :P),
PLEASE LET ME KNOW. I'll do my best to fix them.
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New Game: Crimbo
Posted by spud - 24 December 2022 11:20
Hi all

I did a simple and very unofficial ZX Spectrum to Amiga conversion of the game "Crimbo" by Little Shop of Pixels.

Somewhat rushed and unoptimised in an attempt to get it out before Christmas because who wants to play a Christmas themed game after? (so there are one or two things missing, myabe they'll be added for next year).

I know it is simple both graphically and in terms of game play, but hope you enjoy.

Instructions: go collect the gifts the nasty elves have stolen from Santa, etc etc. Controls are left right and fire for jump on the joystick.

Currently needs 1.5MB Amiga to run, it was developed for A500 config in WinUAE so it should be ok I hope on real A500/A600. It has been tested on real Amiga 1200s. Boot the disk, don't launch from workbench.

Merry Christmas all :-)
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Amiga Christmas Tree 2022!
Posted by Cammy - 24 December 2022 11:05
Cammy's Avatar  To my dear Amiga friends!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas! Don't forget about the Amiga Christmas Tree website with a few updates this year!
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AxRuntime v41.4 Released
Posted by deadwood - 23 December 2022 14:00
Release v41.4 of AxRuntime is now available. AxRuntime lets developers compile their Amiga API-based applications as Linux programs.

Main feature is that interacting with Intuition windows (moving, resizing, etc) now happens via Intuition gadgets and there is no longer window decoration duplication. Checkout this video to learn more:

AxRuntime v41.4 can be downloaded from:

If you are interested in developing using AxRuntime, contact me on this forum or visit
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WinUAE 4.10.0
Posted by Toni Wilen - 18 December 2022 22:58
WinUAE 4.10.0 (18.12.2022) released.

After too long delay, next official WinUAE has been released.
Also more detailed change log this time.


4.10 is basically 5.0 preview version. Large amounts of 68000 and chipset accuracy improvements, remaining missing bits will be included in 5.0.

Major update:

68000 based unexpanded (with optional Slow or Fast RAM expansion) configurations are now 100% cycle-accurate.
Big thanks to ross for writing test programs that required perfect cycle accuracy. Lots of expected and unexpected hardware features found and implemented.

Featute updates that got delayed but will be implemented in 5.0:

OCS and ECS Denise mid screen resolution changes are not pixel perfect, correct chip model specific bit pattern is not emulated yet. AGA is pixel perfect.
Not all blitter line draw width != 2 (invalid line draw configuration, normally not used) conditions are 100% accurate.
Disk status/interrupt timing is not fully confirmed yet.

4.9.x bugs fixed:

Sprite to playfield and playfield to playfield collisions were unreliable.
RTG (uaegfx) overlay was not drawn. 32-bit Windows only.
Magic mouse mode without virtual mouse driver installed: mouse position was incorrect in RTG modes and it also ignored scaling modes.
If hardware emulated RTG board VRAM was immediately (no gap in address space) after any RAM/ROM region and JIT direct was enabled: first 4096 bytes (host CPU page size) of VRAM was not fully JIT direct compatible and any direct read or write to first 4096 bytes would not access VRAM correctly, causing unexpected graphics glitches.
Quickstart panel floppy bootblock check used current track of drive (not track 0). Broken when FloppyBridge support was added.
Hires resolution and hires BPLCON1 bit set (or shres and shres BPLCON1 bit): single pixel horizontal offset may have appeared in right side of screen. AGA and non-subpixel mode only.
CD32/CDTV Quickstart mode "remembered" previous DF0: setting and didn't disable it by default (even if Quickstart panel showed it as disabled).
CD32/CDTV Quickstart panel DF0: was not possible to select/enable.
Z2 RAM configuration was unreliable.

Older bugs fixed:

CHD CD image CD audio timing fix.
Direct3D11 with custom shaders leaked memory.
Directory filesystem softlinks fixed.
68060 without FPU or disabled FPU and executing FPU instruction that uses -(An) or (An)+ addressing mode: D7 was modified when exception stack frame was created.
Reading from non-existing custom register always returned 0xFFFF instead of data that previous cycle's possible DMA access transferred.
Higher 68000/010 integer clock multipliers (4x+) in CE mode: chipset access timing was not accurate.
Second 1M extended ROM bank is now internally split to two 512k banks. Non-aligned bank start and size caused problems in some configs.
Hardware emulated RTG boards that have physically swapped red and blue output (Spectrum, Piccolo, Piccolo SD64) had wrong colors in 24/32-bit modes.
Piccolo Z3 and Piccolo SD64 Z3 had wrong autoconfig board logical size (which crashed the driver).
CD audio was not resumed if WinUAE was unminimized and minimize was configured to pause emulation.

New hardware emulation features and updates:

68000 emulation is finally fully cycle accurate, last missing part, interrupt level change detection timing, is now cycle accurate.
Custom chipset interrupt timing is now cycle accurate.
CIA emulation is now fully cycle accurate. Timers were accurate previously but now also interrupt timing, TOD counting, CPU/E-clock sync, and more, including undocumented side-effects are cycle accurate.
Serial port internal timing, interrupt timing, including SERDATR status bits are now cycle accurate (I used serial port interrupts as a timer in my cputester real 68000 interrupt timing tests)
Audio interrupt timing is now cycle accurate (Was almost fully accurate previously).
Blitter timing is now cycle accurate (previously startup behavior and interrupt timing was not fully accurate).
Blitter line mode with invalid settings (for example width not 2, octant and line direction mismatch etc) is now almost accurately emulated. Some conditions are not fully correct.
Copper is now cycle accurate, previously some special cases were not handled correctly.
More undocumented chipset features implemented.
A1000 Denise bug emulated: sprites end horizontally 1 lores pixel later than bitplane horizontal window end. Currently enabled when A1000 Agnus is selected.
OCS/ECS vs AGA EHB on/off mid screen change different behavior emulated.
Emulated chipset mode display is blanked if programmed mode is active but has invalid configuration (for example too short or too long sync pulses or missing syncs, genlock sync enabled without genlock, etc).
Optional display mode change resync black screen delay.
Programmed custom chipset modes again use also blanking timing to position the display in addition to vsync and hsync (Most real world SVGA monitors do the same).
Max allowed programmed mode non-interlaced vertical line count is now 800 (increased from 592), special 700+ line programmed modes are possible and compatible with real SVGA monitors.
Refresh cycles conflicting with bitplane DMA is now accurately emulated, including all display and audio related glitches it can cause.
Optional Chip RAM and Slow RAM power up pattern emulation, enabled by default.
Color palette is now filled with pseudo-random contents at power up (was all black previously).
Monitor type selection. Composite sync or H/V sync. ECS Agnus/AGA programmed display modes can generate different C-Sync and H/V sync signals.

New other features and updates:

RTG (uaegfx) Picasso96 v3.0+ mixed mode screen draggging is enabled by default.
RTG (uaegfx) blitter emulation now supports previously unsupported less common blitter operations.
RTG (uaegfx and emulated boards) automatic integer scaling support.
On the fly FloppyBridge drive change to normal or back now triggers automatic disk change condition.
Harddrive panel Full drive/RDB mode is now normal checbox. Hopefully it is less confusing than button that didn't look like a button.
Larger default GUI size and slightly larger font if Windows desktop is large enough (at least 1600*1024).
CD audio is now always mixed with Paula audio. Separate CD audio output support removed.
Some American Laser Games didn't have ROM descrambling support, also added missing ROM variants.
Added American Laser Games Quickstart support.
Added NVRAM path to Paths panel. Arcade/CD32/CDTV hardware NVRAM files default to this path.
Keyboard reset change, reset state is kept until at least one key is released.
CTRL+C in console log/debug window does not anymore close WinUAE. CTRL+C in newer Windows versions can be used as a Copy operation.
Changed CTRL+F12 fullscreen/windowed switch: If already switched from full-window to window. Next CTRL+F12 will return back to full-window, not fullscreen.
Optional interlace mode filter profile added.
DirectDraw mode was replaced with GDI mode. GDI mode does not support exclusive fullscreen but supports basic scaling modes and uaegfx hardware cursor that DirectDraw mode did not support.
Palette mode screenshot support. If enabled and screen has <= 256 colors, palette mode screenshot is created. It also attempts to preserve first 32 color entries if possible.
RTC is automatically enabled if chipset extra=<model without RTC> and system has fast ram, slow ram or chip ram expansion.
Save MSM6242B RTC model control registers to RTC file if they are modified. Previously only RF5C01A (Used in big box Amigas) control registers (and NVRAM) was saved.
If Quickstart ROM based Arcade hardware config (Arcadia or ALG) is selected, NVRAM file name is automatically set to ROM name. Genlock video file path is also set if ALG ROM is selected. Config files are not affected.
ROM file list sorting changed, added grouping, sort by group priority first (KS ROMs, extended KS ROMs, freezer ROMs etc..), then alphabetically.
Sometimes old graphics was temporarily visible in RTG modes if RTG had visible black borders (depends on scaling mode) and screen was switched and new screen had larger size/resolution.
Added "Slow" flag to RAM panel. If set, selected memory bank has Chip RAM timing but is not Chip RAM capable. Advanced chipset panel "C00000 is Fast RAM" removed, it is not needed anymore.

Debugging related updates and fixes:

Ultra extreme overscan mode. Shows complete full raster including blanking regions. Horizontal and vertical blanking disabled. COLOR0 changes are always visible.
DMA debugger shows CIA accesses (including cycles lost due to E-Clock sync) and Chip RAM RAS/CAS addressing values.
DMA debugger shows CPU memory access type (instruction fetch or data access). Interrupt level and interrupt level change detection are included.
DMA debugger shows CPU opcodes in basic form ("NOP", "MOVE" etc), vertically. Which can look a bit weird...
Added CPU STOP state information to DMA debugger (| = STOP idle cycle, + = STOP idle cycle and higher IPL detected = STOP ending soon)
Visual DMA debugger shows conflicting cycles as blinking red pixels.
Horizontal and vertical position are now included in debugger history output (H/HH)
Added OR, AND and XOR operators to debugger calculator (|, &, ^).
sp command parsed attached sprites incorrectly.
It was not possible to enter debugger anymore if CPU was stuck in stopped state after entering and exiting the debugger once.
Tracing STOP instruction now works differently, each single step executes one internal STOP "round".
Memwatch break point that crossed 64k "bank" didn't map last 64k "bank" if it was only partially needed.
Self modifying code (smc) debugger feature now clears detected modifications if 68020+ instruction cache is flushed.
DMA debugger (both console and visual) better support for variable/toggling horizontal and vertical line counts.

And more. Detailed change log in winuaechangelog.txt


Don't post bug reports in this thread.
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Passione Amiga #11 (January 2023) is published!
Posted by passioneamiga - 16 December 2022 12:25

With great joy and a touch of emotion we are pleased to announce that the new issue of Passione Amiga, where we celebrate two years of publications, is now available for purchase! The entire editorial team has worked hard to get this number out slightly earlier than the official date, so as to allow Amazon to be able to deliver it under the tree to anyone who wants to read it or give it as a gift for the Christmas holidays.

In this issue:
  • Video Games: Devil's Temple: Son of Kung Fu Master, Aquabyss, Black Dawn: Technomage, Wonderboy, Wrong Way Back, Chaos Arena, Wood Block Puzzle, Luma
  • Reviews: Amiga Duel, Amiga Forever 10
  • Special Amiga Blitz Basic Game Jam 2022
  • Special Amiga games in physical version
  • Blender course, part 3
  • AmigaOS 3.2 R4 NDK
  • And also: Games news, Tech news, THEA500 Mini news, Tricks and Solutions, Demo scene, New Talents, Mailbox

48 A4 color pages entirely dedicated to the Amiga!

Available in paper format:

and in digital format:
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AROS One x86 v1.9 Released
Posted by AMIGASYSTEM - 26 November 2022 21:47

AROS One x86 v1.9 Released

New release of AROS One x86, many new features included in this new version, the possibility to change all the Blue DualPNG icons of the system to the new White DualPNG icons with a simple click.

Many software have been updated and new software has been added, even the games section includes new games installed.

AROS One x86 v1.9 includes the "Aros One x86" manual in PDF, GUIDE, HTM and DOC (PC-Windows) formats.

More information on all updates can be found in the attached list:

AROS One is distributed in DVD (ISO) format or USB image from "burned to Pendrive", useful as Live system or to quickly install AROS One on PC.

To the USB image needs to rename the extension according to the program to be used, usually .img, for AROS One we recommend the use of the excellent Rufus or Etcher)

AROS One x86 v1.9 ISO DVD: Download

AROS One x86 v1.9 USB Flash: Download

These are the many new features:

Update AROS One System:
- AROS One English Manual in PDF, GUIDE, HTM, DOC format
- AROS One Italian Manual in PDF, GUIDE, HTM, DOC format
- New "White" Folder Icon Set (to be installed)
- Update "Blue" Folder Icon Set
- Updated Application Icons Set (better quality)
- Installer Iconset White or Blue (Folder Extras)
- Fix "DiskInfo"
- i8042.hidd (fixes Touchpad problems on some PCs)
- Update Dopus4 Config (add Mount/Eject ADF/DMS)
- Dopus4 Preset Palette Skin (Gray,White)
- Update Wanderer (add def_Icons Mount/Eject ADF/DMS)
- Auto Mount from Icon ADF, DMS and IMG (MS-DOS Floppy) Image File
- Auto Mount from Icon ISO CD/DVD Image File
- Icon to install NTFS-Handler For Mount Disks or Partitions NTFS (Read and Write)
- New Backdrop ArosOne created by "Damir"
- Added Theme by "Damir" PixBlue (Tab resize)
- Added Theme by "Damir" Pills (Tab resize)
- Added Theme Style AfA OS
- Shell-Color (Shell-Black, Shell-White)
- CLS v1.0 (Compiled by me for AROS x86)
- libglfw.i386-aros
- libglew.i386-aros
- Added RNOTunes.catalog (Italian)

Update AROS One App:
- Amitube v1.3
- PerciMan v0.7.5
- Vim v8.2.4424
- PintorWeb 3.20
- BeeBase v1.0
- uCommander
- Murks IDE v0.6.1
- WebpTools v1.2.4
- UHCTools v1.6
- HWP AVCodec v1.5
- TextMio v0.2
- AnimWebConverter v5.00
- PortablE r6b
- RNOEffects v1.4
- RNOTunes v1.0
- RNOInfoScreen v1.8
- Image2PDF v1.2

Update Games:
- SuperMarioWar
- Beret
- Gilbert
- GianaReturn
- SuperTux
- SuperTux 2
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RNOTunes released
Posted by jPV - 22 November 2022 09:03
jPV's Avatar  RNOTunes is a GUI based audio player application with support for many different audio formats, embedded cover images, and scrobbling. A video demonstration of the program is available on YouTube:

The program is available for AROS (i386), AmigaOS 3 (68k and WarpOS), AmigaOS 4, and MorphOS. Please visit its homepage for more information, screenshots, and download links.

- Supports MP3, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, AIFF, WAV, Protracker, DigiBooster, SID, AHX, FastTracker II, ScreamTracker, OctaMED, The Player, NoisePacker, ProRunner, Oktalyzer, Impulse Tracker, Ultra Tracker, Ice Tracker, Liquid Tracker, Quadra Composer, and many other formats
- Configurable GUI with a cover image display
- Loads embedded cover images and other metadata from MP3, FLAC, and Ogg Vorbis files
- Built-in scrobbler
- Lyrics display
- Tune properties editor which saves changes to a local database
- Internal playlists
- Import and export playlists from Jukebox, AMPlifier, etc
- Automatic/manual saving of the last session
- All time playcount saving
- Tune rating option
- Extensive file selection functionality
- File delete option
- ARexx, command line, and tooltypes support

RNOInfoScreen has also been updated to support RNOTunes and a new version of it has been released now.
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icon  Sidmon and Digital Mugician working in the browser, with all tracks
Posted by Team_Hoi - 20 November 2022 20:07
Team_Hoi's Avatar  The coder of our old Amiga games, Reinier 'Rhino' van Vliet, has made online replayers of our Amiga music editors Sidmon and Mugician for his portfolio, with all tracks included...

? Sidmon

? Digital Mugician

If you translate the page you can read some related info. The underlying emulation engine is C-Flod.

As you can see we only have Sidmon screenshots with totally screwed up colors. I tried to remap the colors, but colors are missing. However, Reinier has now acquired an official copy of Sidmon. Hopefully we can get it to work on a real Amiga, and then take some new screenshots right away.

If someone could already get hold of Sidmon and run it, and could make good screenshots (possibly via an emulator), I would greatly appreciate it.

Kind regards from the Netherlands,

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Chaos Arena
Posted by softiron - 20 November 2022 00:31
softiron's Avatar  Fellow Amigans!

Welcome to Chaos Arena!

Pit yourself against seasoned warriors in the most frantic duel to date! Every warrior looks the same, so your first challenge is to figure out who's who. The only way to defeat others is to push them out of arena with your attacks, but beware - your fierceful strikes may also push you into abyss. Also, the arena constantly crumbles, so no hiding around! The last man standing wins.
Game features:
  • Chaotic and fierceful duel between 12 warriors
  • Simultaneous 6-player versus mode
  • 3 chaotic arenas
  • You've lost too early? Strike remaining players with thunders!
Game controls:
  • Joystick 1-4 through respective ports
  • WSAD + LShift
  • Arrows + RShift
Press button to activate player in Main Menu. Left/right toggles on/off

Amiga 500 with 512KB of CHIP memory, 512KB of other memory and KS1.3.
On newer kickstarts or when running from OS, you may need additional CHIP memory depending on its fragmentation.

This game was first released as demo version on DECRUNCH 2022 party on 22th October 2022 in Wroclaw, Poland.

Official premiere held at SACP meeting on 19th November 2022.

Get this game here:

Chaos Arena

like us on Facebook

or chat with us on Discord
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